… a few thoughts from my heart

Over the past month as Morning Whispers has taken shape, I have received a number of comments on the timeliness of the messages as they relate to the circumstances in an individual’s life. This, my brothers and sisters, is the working of the Holy Spirit. Many times in my ministry after having given a sermon, someone would say, “What you said seemed to be meant just for me.” However, I was sure that I never made that particular remark.

God often reveals to our hearts what we need and then we have hope once more. If there is a circumstance in your life that would benefit from intercessory prayer, I invite you to write to me and I will certainly pray for your concern. Moreover if you wish for your need to be passed along to our ever growing community through these weblog pages, I would be privileged to do so with only the detail you request.

Sunrise Upper Bear Creek

Whispers may come in the morning but God speaks to us continually.

The key is being quiet enough to hear.

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